The New Amsterdams A to Z. They've been on an RIAA label in the past, but their '07 album is on the independent Curb Appeal Records. Hooray! Because they're an adventurous and interesting band--too novel for mainstream, in fact. They belong with us, here on the independent side.

There's not a ton of their stuff available on line, but enjoy the little nuggets I found.

A is for Asleep at the Wheel.

B is for Ballad of El Goodo (Big Star cover).

C is for Cry Me a River (Justin Timberlake cover)-Matt Pryor solo.

D is for Drinking in the Afternoon.

E is for Every Double Life

F is for From California (studio version).

H is for Hey Ya (Outkast cover)-Matt Pryor solo.

J is for Doctor My eyes (Jackson Browne cover)

M is for My Old Man Had a Pistol

O is for Outkast again, this time the video: Hey Ya video.

S is for Slow Down and Story Like a Scar.

V is for another video: Hanging on for Hope.

W is for When We Two Part (Afghan Whigs cover).

Y is for Your Red Hand.