WEINLAND-“La Lamentor”

Weinland is a guy’s name. Seriously. But there’s an Adam before it and a Shearer after it. He’s the vocalist, guitarist, and vibraphone player on the astounding new album, “La Lamentor.” From the first alt-country(ish) track, “God Here I Come,” the album is gripping, thought-provoking, suspenseful and passionate. That first track is a gentle, acoustic, indie-rock lament along the lines of XTC’s “Dear God”, in which the singer attempts to puzzle through the differences between man and mortal, posed on what seems to be a suicidal deathbed. It’s haunting. And the deep thoughts continue. "The Devil in Me" sounds vaguely like a Ryan Adams ballad, but lyrically it explores similar themes to the opening cut. Yet for all its seeming tragedy, it is actually filled with hope and love.

With a wide variety of musicians and instruments, including dobro, mandolin, accordion, banjo, fiddle, viola, cello, and trombone, the album is as rich and textured as the best work of Califone or Calexico. Sometimes, there are albums that are so thoroughly beautiful that they just break me. This is one of them.

Buy it. It’s one of the best releases of the year.

God Here I Come

Sick as a Gun

Bonus Cover:

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